Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Spare Keys And Missing Socks

How many of you have a collection of spare keys, which you never use, but dare not throw away, because you have no idea what lock they might open?

Do you sometimes wonder how it is that you came to own so many of them?

Well, wonder no longer. I have the answer. Well, I, at least, have a theory.

It begins with your laundry. You carefully sort it (some of you do), put a load in the wash, then, dry it. And, at some point, you might even fold it. 'Lo and behold, as you're matching up the socks with their mates, there's at least one... maybe two or three, sometimes even four... with no mate that matches it.

What happened to those missing socks? Yes! I know it's hard to believe. They've become spare keys!

The mystery of mate-less Tupperware lids and mate-less Tupperware bottoms, however, continues to elude me.